Brutal Master – Sunny Cheex – Interrogation (09.10.21)

Sunny Cheex in HELL!’s Dungeon, a place you would never want to be (unless you are a piece of meat attention whore who loves to suffer for the amusement of others). You know, like Sunny.
Of course, “interrogation” is a fluid concept in HELL!, more of a guideline. We don’t really care about what information you have, it is more about the humiliation and torture.
In this case, the slut is shocked with dog collars on each of her udders. It is actually quite remarkable how much this bitch took.
But see for yourself, Sunny Cheex Interrogation in HELL!

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Brutal Master – Raven The Whore – The Soul Stealer (08.31.21)

Raven The Whore learned what agony truly is, more than just pain, more than just abuse, more than just the humiliation of being tortured. As she puts it, “this steals your soul.”
And that is what happens in HELL! when this little cunt with the huge tits learns what it is to suffer under the soul stealing prison strap.
Raven The Whore’s Stolen Soul, don’t miss it.
And be sure to stick around after the video to watch her interview about what it is like to be tortured in HELL!

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Brutal Master – It – Dungeon Torture (08.23.21)

His has a little something for everyone. It is a piece of meat, an object, of course. But you already knew that. What you may not know is It constantly craves crueler and crueler treatment. You might say there is no depth to which It will not sink.
Along those lines, the cunt is in the dungeon, right where she belongs, chained and strapped to the torture board where the real abuse begins. To start with, she is gimped, as always, and along the way she is fucked with a fucking machine, her feet are caned bastinado style, and then the bitch is waterboarded.
There is, of course much more, but this is a horrific, brutal, sadistic session for a masochistic piece off meat. Your really don’t want to miss this.
It in Dungeon Torture and so much more.

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Brutal Master – Abby Marie – Abused Pig (07.19.21)

This bitch has “Fearless” tattooed on her slutty body, which is a good thing because it takes a lot of courage to come to HELL! knowing the outcome is going to be pain, degradation, abuse, and exhibitionism. All the things we live for.This was actually Abby Marie’s very first few minutes in HELL! and it did not take long for BrutalMaster to string her up and get to work on her.Her pathetic little udders are worked over first but there is a lot more to follow, including her being completely humiliated and degraded while being abused in other ways.This is the kind of chick you would try to pick up in a bar and then wind up with her blowing you outside by the dumpsters before going home with you for the weekend during which you call your friends over and take turns beating her and using her in every other way you can think of.You know the type, the type that is this pig, Abby Marie being Abused in HELL!

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InfernalRestraints – Molly (aka Molly Matthews, Emily Marilyn) – Mystic Molly 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (08.01.22)

Dressed in a conservative knee length skirt, matching top, and sensible high heels I awaited my fate, gagged and cuffed, while talking myself into the appropriate mood needed. Only at times was I aware of the movement around me instead I was attempting to control the drool that was forming around the tightly cinched rope wetting the mattress and smearing my freshly made up face. I was preparing mentally for the physical strength that was going to be demanded of me. The count down. I was overwhelmed by uncertainty and nervousness.

When the clock struck 10 I melted at PD’s initial touch. The first sensation of his hand was soft and gentle then in the matter of seconds I was gasping and choking! Struggling with the cut off air I managed to look directly into the lens of the camera reminding myself that people the world over were about to witness intense power exchange and I was the object of torture!

Cold scissor blades cutting off my carefully chosen outfit left me feeling helpless and craving to be violated.
The one leg semi suspension opened my pussy for the world to see. I could not shy away by attempting to shut my legs since the bondage was so strict. A weakness of mine is dealing with any sort of pain inflicted on or even near my vulva but I endured the whipping, surprising myself, but not without whimpering, of course.

I have a fantasy of being objectified and when PD said “Let’s get some detail on this cunt” I knew I was right where I yearned to be.

The bishop contraption was terrifying. impaled by an electrical monster it was all up to my balance or else a horrible shock would jolt through my body. It was much too intense for me… I became so parched from the loud screams I uncontrollably released I ended up begging PD for water which he just spit it in my face. How humiliating- *yum*. I could not take the suspense when he decided to control the shocks. He was taking me over the edge.

The foot torture device I was locked into was amazing. PD tied each toe individually… which is yet another one of my kinks. I have never experienced flames on my soles before and that scared me quite a bit. If I have never tried something I am hesitant to do it- only because I do not know what to expect. The caning on my underarms was another sensation I have never felt. It was very painful but I still proudly wear the marks. I had absolutely no control. I could not move my feet at all. I was completely vulnerable. I was on an emotional rollercoaster. One moment screaming as loud as my vocal cords allowed. The next weeping softly to myself. Then smiling from my heart. I left that night with actual cane marks on my soles which I never thought was possible considering how tough the skin is.

Tied to the chair. Gasping for my right to breathe. Feeling desperation as he controlled the tube of sweet oxygen. Having a line crossed by the gauze being shoved up my nostrils. Every one of these elements helped in my reaching orgasm… 3 in a row no less.

I left that night flying high as a kite. Unable to sleep, tossing and turning while dreaming of bastinado, Mr. Pogo, tied toes, and breath control. Wet dream after wet dream.

PD gave me an incredible gift. One that I will never forget.


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Nasty Girls Tied

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Femdom – F on F, Humiliation, Foreign Kink, Orgasm Control
Starring: Katy Rose, Rebecca Black, Sarah Simons, Sereyna Gomez, Victoria Pure

Rebecca Black is suffering in this abandoned building while she is hogtied and struggles to release herself. But luckily her master is taking good care of Rebecca.
This master feels pretty important when he hears his boundslave moan.
There are different reasons why bondage can be sexually pleasing. The pleasure can be part of feeling powerless or the feeling of power. The physical inability to move without hindrance can also lead to a liberation from restrainment.
Katy Rose looks like a dirty slut and that’s why her master wants to teach her a lesson. He is also a bit harsh when he’s vibing her pussy and you can see Katy likes that very much.
There are different reasons why bondage can be sexually pleasing. The pleasure can be part of feeling powerless or the feeling of power. The physical inability to move without hindrance can also lead to a liberation from restrainment.

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Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

The Secretaries: Disciplined

Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Kinky, Hardcore, Spanking
Starring: Dakota Knight, Haley Reed, Petra Blair, Rebecca Vanguard, Billy Boston, Calvin Hardy, Indiana Bones, Tyler Nixon

In this hot big-budget feature, a new secretary learns that the on the job training is stricter than she expects. Her new boss is a dominant alpha male, and the other women who work for him are all submissive. She begins to explore her kinky side, and loves what she discovers as she adventures deeper into the darker side of fetish.

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Brutal Master – It – Mummified and Tortured (Part 2) (07.08.21)

This is where things get really bad for “it.” The whore is still mummified, but now it is truly suffering. Its cunt is raw from the constant abuse of the huge vibrator and to add to her agony, her udders are being systematically tortured. In fact, the tits are bound so tightly that the leather strips are cutting into its tender flesh leaving marks that lasted for weeks.
All this while the cunt is being degraded and reminded that it is nothing more than a mindless piece of meat who literally asked for this treatment because it is so low. This is what HELL! is all about, taking cunts like this and reducing them to an even lower form than they previously were.
It is meat, mummified, tortured meat.

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Brutal Master – It – Mummified and Tortured (Part 1) (06.28.21)

It needs the most degrading, dehumanizing objectification of any cunt that has ever suffered in HELL! That is exactly what she got, and more. This is also the longest session we have ever done, with an objectified piece of shit cunthole suffering every second of that time.
It is important to understand that this involves a bitch who is turned into an object with her titmeat and cuntmeat exposed to further her degradation. Those tits and that worthless cunt suffer the most brutal and cruel tortures all while It is literally mummified into a little package of pain.
This is cruel, vicious, brutal and definitely not for the faint of heart.
This is It Mummified and Tortured.

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HardTied – Tyler, 411 – Tyler File 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (07.25.22)

The sky is pitch black when I shoot up in bed. My body is covered in sweat but I am shivering and cold. The nightmare was so vivid, almost real. It comes back to me in flashes. Like in a storm, how the lightening reveals everything for a brief moment. And then all is dark again.

I see a house in a small town I don’t recognize. A man in black grinning evilly as he throws me to the floor, tapes me up, and yanks my underwear off. My friend tyler is in the bathtub moaning and convulsing with mouth taped and shirt over her head. There is nothing I can do to help her. I can’t even help myself.

I see myself alone, belted down to a card table, trembling in fear. He stands above. Smoking. Watching. Deciding what to do now, what the next torture will be. The heat of his cigarette warms me when he nears. My skin is hungry to feel its burn. He touches it down to my breasts. Softly at first, then harder, so that red dotted rings appear around my nipples. Then he drags it slowly down across my stomach and presses it firmly into my clit. I moan and scream in ecstasy.

I am staked out with arms and legs spread wide and back arched over a thick, round log. Eyes closed, body motionless and drenched with oil. Exhausted and unable to struggle, I am nothing but a lifeless, slimy mass of flesh, an ornament for his lawn.

Then there’s a cabin surrounded by woods and that same man with that same grin. He strips us down and leads us into the wilderness like two dogs on a single leather leash. Our legs are held open with branches and he looks back to smirk at our silly waddling walk. The hard, splintery dildo shoved deep into my pussy pokes and prods with each step, searching for a tender spot. He tethers us to a tree and leaves us there, naked, vulnerable, and restrained. Only able to communicate with desperate eyes and muffled groans. Simultaneously, we strain to free ourselves.

I remember trees. Two of them, facing each other. And we are bound to them, forced to share our suffering. Mouths stuffed with wooden gags, our cries mingle to create a single, anguished tune. I watch tyler writhe under the ropes, rubbing her delicate skin against the tough, scratchy bark. I see the despair in her eyes. She is trapped. And so am I. He strikes her with a thin tree branch till tits and thighs are covered with red lashes. I cringe at the sound of each stroke and glance down at my own sensitive breasts, made purple and bulbous by the leather around them. My time will come soon enough.

The last thing I recall: he is grumbling and tossing me into a hole. “Gotta bury the evidence,” I think he said. He covers me in dirt packed tightly up to my neck. He brings tyler out, buries her head, and secures her feet with wooden stakes. After placing a ring gag in my mouth, he unzips his pants and relieves himself, spraying pee all over both of us. Then he walks away, abandoning us.

I am left with that picture in my mind. A disembodied head and a decapitated body baptized with the piss of our captor. Just the thought sends chills crawling down my spine. But I am safe at home. And there is no man in black. Because it was all just a dream. Right?

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BrutalSessions – Brooklyn Gray: A Pup Named Bubbles (07.27.22)

Brooklyn is a kinky little slut who has lots of different fetishes.
Today she asked if we could do some animal play and all of us thought it was a great idea! She showed up with a dog collar on so it was pretty clear what she wanted. Tommy leads his new pet on to set and walks her around allowing her to acclimate to her surroundings. He controls her with a large chain around her neck and within minutes the two of them are getting along just fine. Tommy decides to name her Bubbles and gives her a toy to chew on. Can you guess what it is? She follows him around and is very obedient so it’s time to find out what other tricks this pup can do.
Brooklyn stays in character the entire day but Tommy has other ideas for his new pet which
includes lots of hardcore pussy fucking, throat fucking and domination. Pup or not, Brooklyn is going to be put through the paces and if Tommy isn’t pleased with her performance then it’s back to the pound for this one. She is caned, flogged, spanked and keeps that smile on her face the
entire time proving that she is in this for the long haul. Woof!

4.98 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:10:20

KinkTestShoots – Abril Jonnes: Tied And Fucked In Colombia (07.25.22)

Abril Jones lives a kinky life in the Latin American land of Colombia where Logan Salamanca dominates her and she sucks his cock. Then sexy Abril walks around the house in high heels and gets fucked hard by Logan in several positions that show off Abril’s hot body. Once tied up she is fucked and taken to the limit of her pleasures with endless orgasms.

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Alice Maze – tunnel plug

Remember our French HuCow Alice Maze? She was delivered to the farm for an intake assessment. Her juicy udders were approved for expansion potential by the farmer, who couldn’t understand anything Alice was trying to say (so he gagged her). We don’t speak French here, but that problem is now solved as Alice is already very well trained. Her human speech is gone, she makes real intense moo sounds when she is stimulated, spanked, or milked. Her brain is now completely HuCow. Today, she will get milked by the most powerful machine: the red cow milker. This will certainly make her moo!! Alice has been fitted with a large metal tunnel plug as well, for easy access to her holes in the future. She is one of the most promising new additions to the herd!

1.10 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:10:23

Kerry – hogtied HuCow

Kerry is back and her udders have grown considerably! That’s great news! She is the perfect HuCow for the new high milking bed, because the farmer has a new position in mind: a hogtie! Well, the position has been done before (with Thiccy Niccy), but never with udders poking through a milking bed! It is a very strenuous position, but Kerry loves a good bondage challenge! The farmer clamps her nipples and makes her wait a little before she is installed on the bed. Then Kerry is cuffed with her udders hanging down through the milking opening. The goat milker is an exhausting machine, especially in combination with this position, but it there’s an HuCow who can do it, it is our cute Kerry!

1.16 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:10:57