BrutalMaster – Blossom – The Tucker Telephone (06.15.23)

“Once you confess everything, all that is left is screaming.” ~Blossom

First, a bit of history: The Tucker Telephone refers to a torture device invented at the Tucker State Prison Farm in Jefferson County Arkansas most likely until the 1970s. In those days, the Tucker Telephone consisted of an old-fashioned crank telephone with a couple of batteries. Electrodes were attached to a prisoner’s big toe and genitals.* The modified components of the phone, when cranked, sent an electrical current through the victim’s body. Often a victim was told he had a “long-distance call” and was taken to the prison hospital where he was subdued, bound to a bed or bed-frame, and then administered as series of shocks under the direction of prison staff on an inmate doctor. During prison reform hearings, it was reported these sessions would sometimes last all night reducing prisoners to incoherent wrecks that were then released back into the general population as a warning to others not to break the rules.

This brings us to Blossom and the Tucker Telephone. Blossom is not being punished for an infraction of the rules. In fact, we can’t recall a time when Blossom broke a rule in HELL! No, that is not the situation at all. Blossom is being tortured with this version of the Tucker Telephone, not punished for an infraction. Blossom is being tortured because, as this worthless cunt freely admits, she simply deserves to suffer because she is nothing. She is a piece of shit that understands her place in HELL! as a suffering, tortured, degraded bitch. That is why she comes to HELL! and that is why we present her for your mild amusement. Her screams, moans, and begging are there for you to enjoy, as is her agony and devastation.
Blossom and the agony of the Tucker Telephone.

*NB: we do not condone torture of inmates or other types of prisoners under any circumstances. What happens in HELL! is between consenting adults. The use of torture or any other type of pain or humiliation on non-consenting persons should be considered a crime, whether perpetrated by a government or a private individual.

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