[ACZD-158] 被虐の麗奴 有馬早智子 / Beautiful Tortured Slave Sachiko Arima

SM, BDSM, Cruel Expression, Torture, Restraints, Shibari, Humiliation, Amateur, Submissive Woman



This video is a record of the torture of masochist women who visited SM enthusiast Mamoru Kuroi.

[From Mr. Kuroi] Sachiko Arima (pseudonym) was a piano teacher who had a desire for punishment/spanking. She met a sadistic man and formed a master-servant relationship, but due to her twists and turns, they broke up. All she had left was her mind and her body, which knew the pleasure of being her subject and longed for her pain. With her unavoidable desire, she got to know me and volunteered to be her teacher. She used a large amount of metal clips, knocked off clothespins, attacked her with a Buddhist altar candle, and assaulted her with electricity. The way the love juice dripped from the vagina between the clips was like a true masochist.

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