BrutalMaster – Lita Lecherous – So Much Pain (02.20.22)

If agony was rain, we would be building an ark, that is the level of punishment Lita Lecherous is enduring here. Let’s just remind everyone, Lita is a whore, literally and figuratively. And she completely and utterly understands she deserves punishment, at a base level.

This is her live, this is what she is, and this is what she knows must happen to her. Of course, it is not just the punishment, degradation, humiliation and torture, but also who is doing it and where it is happening.

In this case, BrutalMaster is the perfect punisher, the ultimate punisher, for this piece of meat. And the only real place for it to happen in HELL!

Lita is strapped to a metal table, straight-jacketed, and then it is ‘bring on the agony.’

It can be hard to watch, seeing someone so utterly destroyed. You can reconcile yourself that she knows this is her place, that this must happen, and that she deserves every scream producing indignity and insult.

Lita Lecherous, So Much Pain

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