RealTimeBondage – Mila – Mila Live (INSEX – Remastered) (03.23.22)

Delicious and demure mila faces the Insex torture machine with quiet acceptance and a bit of nervous jitters. The Live Feed is a study in how small torments accrue, how they work into the psyche and physique, and how, when you create enough little pains, all you have to do is wait. In mila’s case, she just got more and more creamy, foaming at the clit, leaving a smear of wet beneath her pussy.

Mila sits waiting, nervous, her knees together. Beside her, young Violet is bunched in a ball with stocks, shackles, and chain. Before long, mila has been locked into a metal collar and stood up. She strangles slowly. The collar pulls upward, constricting her breathing. Then her wrists and elbows are bound together behind her back and a rope from elbows to throat constricts by pulling downward. Severe heels are put on her feet. A taut chain digs into her pussy. Copper sheeting slides beneath her feet. She is wired and wet down and made to dance with electricity. Breast bondage, nipple clamps, weights, spanking – mila can hardly move without causing pain to herself.

As mila is bound to a chair, violet rattles around in the background, her discomfort turning to misery. Rope after rope is used to hold mila to the chair. Bags of ice are poured out and packed around her feet. A posture collar grips her throat. Soon, a silvery cream soaks her cunt. A breathing tube is taped into her mouth and a plastic bag tied over her head. The bag steams. Her eyes, vulnerable, pleading, look out. Ice is packed onto her chest. Afterward, a lit torch is passed over and around her breasts, chest, and cunt.

Bound in a hogtie, her toe tied to her hair, her pussy drips with her milky cream. An ass plug goes in and is inflated. Then Mr. Pogo, equipped with a vibrator taped near the end, nails mila. Her pussy drools copiously as Mr Pogo slips in and out. mila smiles with pleasure, but not for long. Her ass is soon held up in the air with a hook. A cane dips into her luscious skin, biting, tasting her silken ass and thighs over and over again.

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Shards – Jessica

Beautiful Jessica stuffed her vagina with a bunch of glass shards using a huge syringe for insertion. Then she tried to remove the shards with a spoon but with less success, she rather scratched her vagina all around than spooning the sharp stuff out. So she had no other choice than to fuck herself with a dildo while the shards in her. After she came she was able to remove the shards from her vagina with her fingers so she got shardless finally.

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InfernalRestraints – Betty – Guinea Betty (INSEX – Remastered) (09.10.22)

Betty made the call; she wanted to come back. It was a great coincidence. We were working on designing and fabricating metal restraints. We had several pieces ready to go and Betty will be the guinea pig to try one out.
Two inch by one quarter inch steel strap was fashioned into a fiddle. Then a leg spreader was designed to lock on to the ankles.

We made sure there was an attachment point in the middle of the leg spreader. Now she is flipped around like a frog by attaching the fiddle to the spreader. In order to fuel the anticipation and tease, her panties stayed on for now. Her bum cheeks are nicely soiled by wiggling around on the dirty garage floor. This will be a nice contrast to the red welts that the cane can paint.

She was just threatened with the cane. Betty is a very temperamental girl. Tears rolled out of her eyes at the mere site of the magic wand. We only had to tease her with it.

The watery flow of ice melting under the soles of her feet could not match the flow of torment from her eyes.

She needs to rest now — let’s put her in the cathedra. While Betty catches her breath we will apply the chicanery: butterfly pump gag, electrical tape, castration bands and suction tubes for her nipples and clitoris; clamps to splay the innies. Finally the electrical charged speculum squeezing the Grafenberg bulb.

Ahhhh — the peal jam dripping from her vulva(1) is the icing on the cake.

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Chili Cage – Holly

First we wanted to do a sparking cage movie with Holly but she gave up after one-minute electric shock on her pussy, it was too painful for her. Kudos to Nazryana, she could do it earlier. So I found out something else for Holly with the same setup. However I am not sure that it was a good barter for her since having hot pepper sauce on and in her pussy is probably even more painful than the electric stinger. But at least she did not give up this time. Actually she had several orgasms during this session. After the shooting she said that the vibe on her clit turned the crazy pain into crazy orgasms. The ice in her pussy also helped a little bit in the first moment but after removing the ice the burning pain got even more intense. She said that she would go to a date after the session. Poor guy :) I imagined how surprised he was when her dick got into fire after fucking her hot peppered vagina lol

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Insex – 2000.12.20 – Yx 24h Live Feed part 3-1 (Yx, Cybil)

Cruel BDSM, Breathplay, Caning, Chair, CrotchRope, Device, Electro, Flogging, Frog-Tie, Gag, Hair, Hood, Labia-Clamp, Latex, Mittens, Mr-Pogo, Nipple Clamp, Rope, Saran-Wrap, Spreadeagle, Stocks, Strap, Suspension, Tickling, Tit-Torture, Vibrator, Yx

My hands were secured behind me and I was placed in the box with my head protruding through the top. I saw the plastic bubble shaped cover that Pd was going to put over my head, and that was when the nervousness started. Hmmm, I thought, there isn’t much room in that cover at all for the bugs to run around…they’re going to be near my head no matter what…

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Mistress Miranda Dixon – Ass Up – SeriousImages

Mistress Miranda takes advantage of Dixon’s situation. Dixon has such a beautiful ass and pussy which Mistress Miranda could not resist. The position is rather inviting as Dixon is totally chained head, waist, hands, and feet. The ass hook is an added pleasure – at least for Miranda. Once again Dixon makes the sexiest sounds.

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