SensualPain The Dig – Abigail Dupree (07.02.17)


Master put His slave abigail to work on digging a hole for an underground vault just big enough. slave abigail, heavily clad in chains, leather bondage and an anal plug, had been digging for the better part of the day in between her other slave duties.

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SP Abigail Dupree – slaves Creed After 2 Day Torment (12.03.17)


It has been a while that slave abigail has been mentally pushed at this level of painful torment without pleasure. After the first two days in the cage, I record her slaves creed with documentary of the experience.
In this video you will witness what two days of deprivation, confinement, pain, mental anguish, captivity, predicament bondage, abandonment and overall discomfort mixed with a total lack of pleasure can do to a slave such as Abigail Dupree.

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