Lexi Grey – First Full Shoot – Lexi At The Farm

And here we have it: the first full-length video for Domthenation! Much of the gear used for this video is still in the prototype stage, and the footage is imperfect in places, but I was able to get in a successful day and night of domination with Lexi Grey. This girl is so full of smiles and sweetness, it’s hard to believe how filthy she can be. Dominating Lexi is a rare pleasure, because she gives you the best of angel and demon in one being.

We started out in my car and then drove down the highway to the horse farm—the same place where I did the test shoot with Jezebeth. Along the way, I had to pee; so we pulled over at a private location, and I gave Lexi a drink. Then, after we arrived at the farm, we basically walked around all day and night, finding one place after another for me to beat and face-fuck her. I came twice in the process. We also had fun playing among the various human and animal features on the property.

I’m very happy to share this material. Though the gear is still being worked out, the action is really hot, and there’s absolutely no porn fakery here. This is a pure documentary, and I think it offers a glimpse into a kind of sexual domination that’s hard to find outside of a private bedroom. You can see the brutality, the kindness and caring, and the playfulness and silliness in it all.

2.47 GB | 2048 x 858 | mp4 | 01:01:59

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