Feisty Greyhound – 05.31.21

In this great storage stream, our feisty little creature spends the afternoon locked away in her cage! Greyhound loves to be stored away so naturally she feels right at home being in her cage which also has her feeling turned on and a little feisty so to burn off that extra energy she bounces around her cage, presents her mouth to the camera, licks the bars of her cage and even takes a few drinks of water from her new water bowl attached to the side of her cage. After realizing she still has more energy to burn, our little creature manages to use the rubber band that’s wrapped around her water bowl to secure her large blue dildo to it so she can practice her oral skills. Eventually our little creature lays back in her cage and spreads her legs as she obediently presents her pussy and ass to the camera then once her excess energy is finally burned off she curls up happily in her cage!

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