Baking With Greyhound – 05.31.21

Our little creature heads into the kitchen to show off her domestic skills by doing some baking! Dressed in only an apron and a sexy pair of heels with a little bondage thrown in for good measure, our little slave stands at the kitchen sink and cleans a few dishes before getting to the task at hand. After setting all of her ingredients out on the kitchen island and showing off a dozen freshly hatched eggs from her chickens, our little creature cracks the eggs into a bowl then chops, slices, dices, and mixes all of the ingredients into a bowl then pours them evenly into two cake pans. Once everything is mixed and poured, our little creature slips out of her apron revealing her beautiful naked body underneath before placing both cake pans into the oven, after placing them in the oven she squat presents and shows off her eager waiting mouth before presenting down with her ass facing the camera with her butt plug nicely on display!

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