Farm Work – 05.31.21

In this great manual labor stream, our little creature gets down and dirty as she puts on her boots and cleans up the horse stall! After obediently presenting to the camera and showing off her beautiful naked body, Greyhound grabs her shovel and gets to work scooping up all of the loose rocks and debris that have accumulated in the stall and dumps it all in an orange bucket. Once the debris is cleaned up and removed, our little creature grabs her hose and sprays down the floor and scrubs it clean then turns her attention to the walls and scrubs them clean as well before finally using her brush to push all of the standing water out of the stall. Once her cleaning task is complete, Greyhound steps out of camera view for a brief moment then returns with Whiskey the mule in tow, she poses happily with him then gives him a sweet kiss on the nose to end this lovely stream!

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