BrutalMaster – Greyhound – Scrubbing Pot (07.29.21)

There is something about a gimped girl with a shaved head, ringed nose, who is filthy and doing mundane chores. That is exactly what Greyhound is doing at the BondageLife Ranch. She is scrubbing an old cast iron skillet that needs a lot of work. Of course, it is never that easy when BrutalMaster and Greyhound are together. To make things more interesting, she is completely hooded, chained, naked, and wearing these cruel gadgets that keep her feet in a high heels position.
And then there is the occasional “encouragement” involving a belt, among other things. This is what it looks like when a slave works around the house, or in this case, around The Ranch.
Greyhound is a Pot Scrubber, and so much more.

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