BrutalMaster – Abby Marie – Abused Pig (07.19.21)

This bitch has “Fearless” tattooed on her slutty body, which is a good thing because it takes a lot of courage to come to HELL! knowing the outcome is going to be pain, degradation, abuse, and exhibitionism. All the things we live for.This was actually Abby Marie’s very first few minutes in HELL! and it did not take long for BrutalMaster to string her up and get to work on her.Her pathetic little udders are worked over first but there is a lot more to follow, including her being completely humiliated and degraded while being abused in other ways.This is the kind of chick you would try to pick up in a bar and then wind up with her blowing you outside by the dumpsters before going home with you for the weekend during which you call your friends over and take turns beating her and using her in every other way you can think of.You know the type, the type that is this pig, Abby Marie being Abused in HELL!

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