WhippedAss – Jet Setting Jasmine, Avery Black – The Applicant: Jet Setting Jasmine And Avery Black (02.18.22)

Jet Setting Jasmine puts newcomer Avery Black through the ringer when she applies to be her sub in this kinky Whipped Ass update. Wearing tiny pink panties, matching see-through bra and heels Avery Black’s nipples are already hard anticipating the touch of Queen Jasmine, but Jasmine has a rigorous interview process for this little slut to find out if she is worthy of her time and dungeon. Avery boasts she’s really good at making lattes but by the end of the day she’ll be good at getting her ass whipped and taking Goddess Jasmine’s big cock. Jasmine pulls Avery over her knee and spanks her smooth, round ass until it turns bright red and then takes it further with the paddle on her sensitive inner thighs. Flipped over on her lap Avery is instructed to make herself cum so she rubs her wet clit while Jasmine watches as she wiggles and moans with pleasure. Now upside down in full suspension Avery is bound tight with her face smothered in Jasmine’s hot crotch. Avery desperately tries to reach Jasmine’s pussy with her tongue through the latex bodysuit and fishnet stockings she’s wearing but it’s difficult so the Goddess lowers her willing applicant to the ground and sits on her pretty face to make it easier. She puts clothes pins on her nipples and pussy lips then vibes Avery’s clit with the Hitachi while she gets herself off. The interview process continues with a double flogging on Avery’s ass until her legs are shaking and she is giggling from the pleasure and pain. Queen Jasmine has given all she can to this selfish horny slut, its time for Avery to prove what she can bring to the table. Sexy Avery straddles Jasmine’s strap on cock and gets to work fucking her pussy until she cums and cums as Jasmine zaps her with electricity. Jet Setting J decides she wants Avery to be her little cum mattress so she lays on top of her and vibes her own clit until she squirts all over the applicant’s ass. Welcome to the team Avery Black, you’re hired!

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