Fantom Kiler 4


Genre: Exploitation, Fantastic, Extreme
Starring: Maria Vaslova, Hana Liska, Kate Blond, Pavla Nicole, Conrad Bismark

That’s right…. the Fantom Kiler is back, doing what he does best… in the strongest and most outrageous sequel yet!
After the castrated body of a man is found pinned to a tree, Det Sylvia Kovak (Hana Liska) realises that she is dealing with no ordinary killer.
As, one by one, her friends suffer terrible and perverted deaths, the pretty detective suspects that the mysterious Fantom is playing games with her.
With no help from her colleagues, Sylvia decides to solve the case by herself, using her intelligence, her intuition and even her own body if need be. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that she is walking right into his trap.

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Fantom Kiler 3


Genre: Exploitation, Fantastic, Extreme, Horror
Starring: Eliza Borecka, Magda Szymborska

A beautiful woman drives to the country, strips and photographs herself in various compromising positions. Such wanton behavior cannot go unpunished by the Fantom Kiler. Later on Natasha arrives at a run down garage where she hopes to get her car serviced, unfortunately for her its not the car that gets serviced as Natasha is forced to strip and be humiliated. But there’s only so much a woman can take as she turns the tables on the licentious mechanics. But for Natasha a more terrible fate awaits her out in the woods….

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Fantom Kiler 2


Genre: Exploitation, Fantastic, Extreme Erotic, Horror

One hooker is “jump started” on the roof of her own car then gutted like a fish, another is found hanging in a meat van, another is sawed in half while a policewoman is mercilessly slashed to pieces. A detective, haunted by his lack of results, vents his frustration by abusing the same women who are being preyed upon by the mysterious killer. For the police and the hookers of this small east European town, there seems to be no end to the sadistic nightmare.

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