Preparing The Cage – 05.24.21

In this great manual labor stream, our belted little creature gets to work cleaning up one of her old cages! After putting one of her old cages away in storage for awhile and even using it as a makeshift chicken coop for a little while, Greyhound decides it’s time for her to use it again but not before it’s given a nice scrub down. Starting things off by kneeling in the present position, our little creature gets to work on cleaning her cage and begins by scrubbing the outside of the cage then opens up the door and climbs inside to clean it. Once the cage is clean and fit for human use again, Greyhound lays down a thin mat in the bottom of the cage then soons adds her litter box, her bowl, and a stuffed toy to add a little decoration before she locks herself inside then curls up on her side and calls it a day!

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