Motions Of A Slave – 05.24.21

In this special two part stream, our little creature takes a bath before putting on a little fashion show and doing some chores! To start things off, a naked Greyhound slips into the tub and gives herself a nice scrub down before obediently shaving her head nice and smooth then squat presenting in the tub with her mouth nicely on display. Things then move to the dining room nook where our little creature prepares herself for her chores, after slipping into a sexy pair of latex thigh high stirrup stockings with cute white lacy trim on top, she slips into a sexy matching maids uniform with a cute white apron and matching headband. Now properly dressed for her chores, our sexy little maid moves some furniture out of the way then vacuums the hardwood floor before getting down on her hands and knees and scrubbing the floor until it is nice and clean then once her chores are finally completely she squat presents facing the camera while holding a dirty rag in her mouth!

237 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 01:13:01

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