PascalsSubSluts – Dee Williams, A Fuck Years In The Making (05.27.22)

I don’t even need to give you her name, this woman is a pornstar of absolutely mythic proportions. Still, her name is Dee Williams, literally a fucking LEGEND, one of the most perfect sexually-developed woman in the world, and fans are already frothing at the mere hint that she did a second scene with us. Hit early and powerfully with the kink bomb, the woman you see before you here knows exactly what a good time is. In fact, she spells out her idea of a perfect good time, in case you ever luck upon the chance:

#1 Put your hands on her throat – she LOVES the personal touch
#2 Give her a nice mauling
#3 Pee on her
#4 Play with her perfect 34G tiddies
#5 Play her some filthy porn with pretty people
#6 Use “unsubtle” sex toys on her

Follow our list here and you are off and running to something memorable with Dee. In her hilarious interview, she insists that when being intimate, “someone is going on a journey” – you, Dee, everyone in the room. Fucking Dee means you end up miles away from where you begin, either mentally or physically as well. Although she is already a SubSlut, this will be Pascal’s first crack at getting up inside Ms. Williams; and you’re about to see her transport Pascal deep into that mystical territory we like to call “Booty City.”

This scene contains: Oral, Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl and cum shot.

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