DeviceBondage – Juliette March – Chair Of Doom: Juliette March (Remastered) (05.26.22)

Juliette March suffers at the hands of Orlando. She is on her back and spread wide and helpless. Her clothes are ripped from her body, exposing her milky white flesh. Her body begs for torment, and it receives a hefty helping of it. Next, she is now bent over and locked into cold steel with her perky ass in the air and her pussy available. Her nipples are clamped and her pussy assaulted with hard fucking and a menacing vibe to make her orgasm repeatedly. Juliette is finished in the Chair of Doom, where she again falls under the sadistic punishment of Orlando. She begs for it to stop, but that just fuels his sick mind, and makes her scream even more.

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