Lunch With Greyhound (Throwback Fancy Dress Edition) – 12.20.21

In this great throwback from the Bondage Life vault your favorite creature gets dressed up and enjoys a nice Soylent lunch at the front door! Watch as Greyhound presents herself to the camera front and back while showing off her buttplug then kneels and enjoys her lunch from her dog bowl. After finishing her lunch and presenting her clean bowl to the camera, Greyhound removes her large green jeweled butt plug and licks it clean then replaces it with a large glass see-thru butt plug that she obediently cleans and inserts it into her ass. As her lunch concludes your favorite little creature presents down with her ass facing the camera and proudly displays her plugged ass!

53.5 MB | 800 x 450 | mp4 | 00:30:21

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