Bathroom Cleanup Duty (Throwback Edition) – 12.20.21

Bondage Life cracks open it’s large video vault once again and presents this great throwback bathroom clean up stream! Nicely nicely chained by the wrist and ankles with a chain belt locked around her waist giving her hands limited movement, our hard working creature enjoys a nice Soylent lunch and a bowl of water then presents her clean bowl to the camera for inspection. After obediently putting her bowls away with her mouth, Greyhound gets to the task at hand and begins licking the dirty bathroom floor with her tongue, after several licks our little creature grabs a bucket of water and a sponge and crawls around the entire bathroom floor on her hands and knees and scrubs it clean. Once the floor is scrubbed, our obedient creature turns herself into a human mop as she rubs her hair across the floor to wipe it dry!

191 MB | 800 x 450 | mp4 | 01:38:48

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