Julie July – Sodomy Of The Good Girl (Act II)

And here we have Act II of the opera session with master rigger Leto and Julie July! This was filmed the day after Act I. It’s longer and more intense, with more ass fucking, more brutal acts, and less singing due to Julie’s cries taking over her vocal cords. Most of the session occurs while Julie is tied up as a puppet, in a brilliant dynamic tie pioneered by Leto.

I was manning the camera for this scene, filming everything with big anamorphic glass on a custom-manufactured gimbal attached to a special vest. I also had help on the lighting front from a friend who’s a lighting expert. The result is the highest level of finish on the site to date. In fact, I’ll dare say that this is the highest level of finish you’ll EVER SEE in a a scene that was recorded spontaneously with no script, no takes, and no stops or breaks of any kind. Yes, the finish can get even better with a big crew repeating things, stopping to adjust lighting, and changing camera positions, but one of my fundamental goals for this site is to create beautiful films WITHOUT sacrificing the fluidity or authenticity of the interactions. I hope you enjoy watching this first-of-a-kind production as much I enjoyed working with Leto and Julie to make it!

1.43 GB | 2048 x 858 | mp4 | 00:34:56

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