Rory Knox – Day 1 With Rory – Diet Cola Service

Almost ready to share the next film with you – the first big session with Rory Knox. You guys want anal, I know, I get it, because I do too. But first I have one more PG clip with Rory to share. I already shared the clip of her worshipping my feet at our kinky basecamp, but as I worked through the raw footage, I realized I should go back to the very beginning of our story. I’m talking about our first interaction in the hotel we stayed at before even going to the camp.

I think it’s obvious by now that I’m not turning this site into another hotel room clip site. I want to celebrate the awesome land we share and get BDSM out of the dungeon. And I’ve put a crazy lot of work into making that happen. But it would be a shame to be overly orthodox about never showing a hotel room when something as sweet as what happened with Rory is available for the viewing.

So here is the clip. Popeye has his spinach; I have my diet cola. And on this day I also had a beautiful little angel to serve it to me. Even cartoon characters never had it this good.

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