HardTied – Cowgirl (aka Liz Tyler) – Cowgirl Live 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (12.22.21)

She’s been attached to the chair long enough. Let’s have her prance and dance around for us. That’s right PD — caress and hold her tight — close your eyes and dream. And while you do reach down and grab her junk. Massage, squeeze, pull, and knead those soft doughy lips. Stand the gazelle up. Her arms are fastened behind her back in a box tie. Collar her neck with a leather strap and affix it to the pulley chain. We don’t want her falling while teetering on those high heels. Yank up on that collar. Love the way the head has that tilt. Stretch her up. A little neck play is due. Slide down her panties. For a little sport let her kick them off her feet. Steady her by her tits. Now it’s time to ballon those paps. With a leather thong wrap them tightly. Flick them with your finger — her ballooning nipples are so sensitive. Aw, her makeup is starting to run again. Back to the chair for a new delight. A greased speculum is slid into her tight. Crank it open for a gaze into the dark tunnel haze. Go ahead and imagine what you can. There was some special preparation when we scheduled this CowGirl live feed. The pig gag spreader was one. But nothing could prepare us for what the metalsmith has prepared. A spiked weight dangles between CowGirl’s gams to keep her spread while she prances about. She in perched on a platform; legs crossed and bound to it. PD prepares to apply a cream of capsaicin to her nipples and then to the nether. Now her luscious composer is finally shattered. She grimaces and writhes as PD ups the stimulus with a water spray. and blowing through a tube…

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