HardTied – Cowgirl (aka Liz Tyler) – Cowgirl Live 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (12.16.21)

We open with cuffs anchoring her ankles and wrists parallel to the legs of a wooden chair. This method does not allow any movement against the sharp edges of the cuffs. Her extremities are held fast. CowGirl is a very hot chick and knows it. She coos with excitement knowing she is on display for the Insex denizens — 300 hundred strong. Let’s go after that face — let’s pig it with a custom built appliance that wedges her mouth open between her nostrils and the teeth of her lower jaw. She oinks for us. And for any pig the prod is displayed. PD is anxious to try out a special collar. It will stretch her neck and is adjusted very tightly. Asking her to speak demonstrates its effectiveness. All she can do is whisper some faint murmurs. Now rivulets of tears are streaking the makeup. No problem — free her hands and let her have her makeup for a quick prim.

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