HardTied – 731 (aka Eunice Lee), Betty (aka Cali) – Mixed Lust (INSEX – Remastered) (01.04.22)

The perfect mix of black and blue, 731 and betty share some quality time in the country. First PD ties the two girls tightly on a mattress, gagging them with socks and covering 731 with a canvas bag. He plays with their breath, suffocating them both till they are gasping and choking for air. Bound with arms behind their backs, they get better acquainted with some hot girl-girl action. Rubbing their nude bodies together, they kiss passionately then take turns servicing each other with a strap-on dildo. In the next scene, 731 balances on betty’s shoulders, begging for her support. Suffering under the pressure, betty falters momentarily, leaving 731 hanging by her long, thick hair. Chained at the ankle and neck, the pair wander stealthily through the woods. Tripping, they tumble to the ground and desperately struggle to get back to their feet. Tied to a chair, betty uses 731 as a toilet. 731 receives the piss in her open mouth; wooden stakes prevent her from dodging the stream. Next, PD alternates beating the girls with a quirt, allowing them to decide who will be his target. At night, they hang out by the campfire. At the end of their long, hard day, 731 crouches fireside, watching as betty is roasted over the crackling flames.

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