Facing the Real Pain – part 3 – Graias

Ariana AKA Ariana Shine

It’s almost done for cute teen Ariana. Light of freedom is now closer for her, as it never has been. Before ending the long session and letting her free, Dr Lomp wants us to enjoy her innocent tears once again. The hopeless girl will be secured to the stocks by her wrists and tiny neck, then the experienced master will step to the back side of the stocks and whip Ariana’s untouched tits and smooth butt, which will be enough to make the perished girl yell and cry out. Added to this last part of the serial, you will also find a clip where Dr Lomp tests a newbie in her casting. Watch the movie and count every lovely tear on hot teen Ariana’s cheeks.

1.96 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:32:24

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