EverythingButt – Marilyn Johnson, Audrey Madison – Marilyn Johnson And Audrey Madison: The Sales Associate (03.04.22)

Audrey Madison is going door-to-door, selling solar panels. When she gets to Marilyn Johnson’s house, Marilyn invites Audrey in to learn more. Audrey asks about her metal art sculptures and Marilyn explains that they are actually bondage devices and it peaks Audrey’s curiosity. Next thing you know, Marilyn has Audrey naked with her head and wrists locked in a metal stockade. Marilyn rubs Audrey’s big tits and then puts clover clamps on her nipples. She’s placed on her back and Marilyn smothers her face with her gorgeous ass. Next Audrey’s ass is up in the air with her face on the floor. Marilyn slides a bejeweled metal butt-plug inside Audrey’s asshole and then fucks her ass with a glass toy. After that, Marilyn gets her strap-on. Audrey sits on its bright blue dildo, slides it deep into her asshole and rides it. She’s given a vibrator and cums hard with Marilyn’s cock in her ass. Its becomes Marilyn’s turn for some ass-play and so she gets naked, lies down on her side, and Audrey fucks her ass with a big metal toy. Marilyn puts her heels behind her head. Audrey slides her whole fist inside her asshole and Marilyn cums hard while getting fist-fucked.

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