Xtremely-Tight – Diamondly Suspended in the Backyard Part 2

After Diamondly already suffered in a strict outdoor suspension by her stepfather Sasori she thinks the torture gonna be over. But Sasori isnt finished with his cute step-daughter. Still boxtied and ballgagged Sasori puts Diamondly on the gravel ground. Diamondly moans cause the gravel pains her naked body. Then Sasori puts Diamondly with one leg in a strict hogtie. The other leg he suspends to the tree just next to it. Like that he lets Diamondly suffer for a while. Then he puts one more rope which connects her upper body to the suspension rope too. Diamondly is moaning loud from pain and humiliation. Then Sasori puts a painful coconut rope all around her face over her ballgag and eyes. Diamondly tries to not move at all otherwise the rough cocorope gonna torture all her face. Now Diamondly is completly f0rced to waiting for the mercy of her sadistic stepfather Sasori.

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