Xtremely-Tight – 19 Years Old Cutie Gets Tightly Tape Bound and Gagged

For her first time ever 19 y/o Diamondly gets tape bound! Diamondly wears a cute black panty and top and over everything a full body nude pantyhose and black high heels. JJ comes in and ask shy Diamondly if she would put the big red ballgag she in her mouth. Diamondly obeys and JJ starts to tape Diamondlys legs and hands. Then JJties up tightly Diamondlys elbows. Diamondly moans .. looks like she is enjoying it. After a little slap on Diamondlys cute ass JJ asks her to sit down on the couch where she tries to move out of her tape bondage. Then JJ also tapes up Diamondlys upper body. After shes finished Diamondly struggles for a while tightly taped. Also she cannot hold her drool anymore and starts do drool all over her body.. Light moaning comes out of Diamondlys mouth. Then JJ removes Diamondlys ballgag and stuffs her big mouth with her panty. Then she puts tape all over Diamondlys mouth and around the neck. Now All we can hear is a cute mmggghff. JJ orders Diamondly to go on her knees and keeps struggeling for a while. Then Diamondly lies on the floor and JJ puts some pantyhose over Diamondlys face. Then she puts more tape around her mouth and head and conntects it to Diamondlys feet. Now Diamondly is really tight hogtaped. Rolling and struggeling around Diamondly doesnt have any chance to escape. JJ keeps her struggeling for a while until she shows mercy and liberates Diamondly from her strict hogtie. In the end of the video we can see Diamondly removes herself her tapegag and takes the wet big panty out of her mouth.

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