Claire Roose – Anally Roughing It On The Ranch

Very happy to share my first session with the beautiful, 21 year-old Claire Roos. Claire is a very quiet and introverted girl — the kind of person whose thoughts can be mysterious — but she had written me a very clear and compelling letter, expressing a desire to work with me and explaining why she’d be a good match. So I agreed to do some sessions with her on my Texas trip.

The most wonderful thing for me about Claire was how she burst open once the rope went on her body. That shy shell just fell away, and this delightful, smiley sprite emerged. She was just so precious and fun. Later, when I opened up her ass, yet another version of her emerged: a primal, female beast who craved to be dominated and used hard.

Honestly, one of the best things about this crazy job I’ve taken on is getting to experience such various minds and souls. Domination isn’t always about power. It’s also about knowledge — getting to know what’s inside all kinds of people. Wait… knowledge is power, they say, right? Well, I’m not sure this is what was meant by that.

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