Treasure Hunt – DUEL – ElitePain

The now Treasure Hunt game became a great success, and now we publish a special episode of this game: a DUEL between Amanda and Ariel. They were given several opportunities (Cards of Pain 6, Cards of Pain 9, Cards of Pain RLD Ariel, Cards of Pain RLD Amanda) to win a much higher prize than any other player in our history. After they failed in each game, we decided to give them another opportunity to win $20000 in this special, DUEL format of our newest game. Most of the rules are the same as in the regular game. The difference is that this time, no player can go home with fewer Treasure Chests than ALL FIVE. The player who finds the fifth Treasure Chest immediately wins the total prize. Until then, any player who draws a body part, must complete the current punishment round. To maintain fairness in the game, we have asked Tatjana to act as an Independent referee of the game. If she finds that someone is cheating or using dirty tricks, she can give that player 5 penalty strokes each time.

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