BrutalMaster – Lilah Rose – Dreamy Beating (03.03.22)

First let’s get some definitions down here, by “dreamy” we mean this has a sort of dream-like quality to it. But for Lilah Rose, one of our favorites in HELL!, it is anything but a dream. It is a nightmare pure and simple. But it is also a nightmare that Lila knows she wants, needs, and deserves.

First she is whipped, sort of lightly, actually, as a type of instruction. but then BrutalMaster takes over and things take a decided turn, a turn towards brutality, agony, degradation, and destruction.

In other words, HELL!But what else would Lila Rose expect? This is HELL!, and this is where meat comes to suffer because in HELL! it is always a nightmare, even when it is a dream.

Lila Rose and her Dream Beating

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