BrutalMaster – Dirty Chai – Spread Hung Bullwhipped (08.25.23)

A True Need for Pain

Dirty Chai is an extreme masochist, which is putting git lightly. She needs to hurt all the time, as much as she can, and she needs you to see her suffering. It is all part of who she (or it, as she often refers to herself as) is at her core. She is an object that needs pain not only as a release, but also as a manifestation of herself.

And that is why she is in HELL!, and that is why she suffers so much for you. In this case, it is strung up and not merely bullwhipped, but tortured with a bullwhip across nearly every part of her body.

You know in HELL!, when a bitch is spread, that can only mean its pain-cunt is going to suffer. But that is just the beginning.

During this brutal, vicious ordeal, the whore shows her unmitigated level of submission, even at the end where it is clearly destroyed, it gets on its hands and knees in utter subjugation, offering its holes for further abuse.

This is what a true piece of meat looks like, what a true piece of meat acts like, what a true piece of meat is.

Dirty Chai is Spread, Hung and Bullwhipped for your pleasure.

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