BrutalMaster – Kristen – Symbian Bridal Torture (08.30.23)

“Now there’s not even breathing room between pleasure and pain” ‘Cryin’ Aerosmith

Kristen learns that pleasure can soon turn into pain and pain can soon turn into torture when there is just too much of it. But that is a lesson all whores eventually learn.

In this session, this particular whore is bound in the dungeon and placed on a symbian. To further her torment, the bitch is dressed up like a bride – at least at some point on her wedding night. (Who among us has not wanted to see a bride tortured?)

You can see the slut as she becomes more excited, dripping, denied and then as the constant, brutal, cruel stimulation becomes more than she can take and the actual suffering begins. It has been a long time since Kristen has been in HELL!, but now she is craving to come back to suffer for you more and more.

In the end, the slut is a quivering, whimpering, wiped-out wreck on the dirty floor of HELL!’s dungeon.

Kristen, ograsmed to agony in the Symbian Bridal Torture, just for you.

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