BrutalMaster – Dirty Chai – First Moments In Hell! Whipped (11.16.22)

This piece of meat had been in HELL! only a few minutes but now finds herself already in the dungeon, kneeling on the cold concrete floor, wearing only stripper heels and thick metal shackles.

She won’t need clothes.

Shortly after, the cunt was hoisted up and the pain begins. Dirty Chai is living what she knows is her fate, suffering cruel torture for the entertainment of others. There is nothing profound here, just a whore, literallly a whore, chained to a ring in the ceiling, being whipped by a brutal sadist.

The whipping goes on for a long time and the marks become more prevalent, as do her screams.

This is just the beginning of Chai’s punishment, there is more to come, but it is the time when the canvas accepts its first color, when the first knows of the symphony are played, and when the angry red welts raised by Asmodeus The Whip first bites.

During all this, Dirty Chai, as she is known here, admits to exactly what she is, and we all know what this is, a cunt, a whore, a bitch who suffers.

As a final degradation, for now, the cunt drinks piss while kneeling on the floor, covered in welts and bruises and filthy from the dirt of HELL!’s dungeon.

Dirty Chai Whipped for the First Time in HELL!

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