BrutalMaster – Katslut – ShitPig 2 Even More Disgusting (11.10.22)

The thing to remember when it comes to keeping slaves, or owning them, or having them, or however you want to say it is, nothing in their lives should be normal, vanilla, mundane. Even the most rudimentary tasks, such as sweeping, folding clothes, or cleaning a bathroom can become cruel, humiliating, and punishing if you establish the proper protocols.

For example, a bitch who is is in heavy chains required to wear a pig nose and ball gag will find doing laundry that much more degrading, especially if her udders and tightly bound. You can see by just adding a torment here and a cruelty there, it will utterly debase and dehumanize your cunt-meat. Walking by with a riding crop or cane and administering a few brutal lashes (whether deserved or not) only adds to the bitch’s terror and submission.

After a whipping BrutalMaster always like to check to see how much wetter the whore has become.

KatSlut is a bitch that requires constant degradation and humiliation of the most base type. For example, she is required to make her own butt plugs out of things she finds around the dungeon, watching her fashion something to go up her used asshole is entertaining, but she finds it so much more objectifying.

KatSlut has very specific duties in HELL!, aside from merely suffering. She cleans, does laundry, other housework, and especially, must maintain the toilet. To make it even more horrifying for the worthless piece of meat, she cleans the unflushed toilet with her tongue. Clothes are forbidden, of course and her udders are bound all the time.

During all this, she is required to answer questions about being such a pig, which she finds stunningly humiliating.

Remember, this bitch has been a professional dominatrix, so all this is even more degrading to her because she must atone for what she has done to others.

She is really nothing and this is a good reminder of that.

KatSlut is an Even More Disgusting ShitPig.

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