BrutalMaster – Dog – Suffering Against The Wall (11.25.22)

In Dog’s own words.

“I am Dog, a hunk of meat in HELL! that exists only to suffer pain, humiliation, degradation, and torture.

I am grateful for my agony because it is my sole use and purpose. I am abused as neither punishment nor reward, but simply because that is what I exist for.

I am grateful to be of use for your amusement and gratification because that usefulness fulfills my purpose in HELL! Beat me bloody, mock me, piss on me, laugh at me while you torture me, buy and sell me, but show me no mercy because I am no human in need of it.

Here I present myself to you for your use, chained to a filthy concrete wall in HELL! for a brutal whipping- with every scream, with every sob, my cunt leaks down my legs with the immense pleasure of being used and abused, my sole purpose as a slave in HELL!”

Dog, tortured and degraded Against The Wall.

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