BrutalMaster – Sunny Cheex – First Time in HELL (06.08.21)

NEW MEAT IN HELL! This is Sunny Cheex, she may be new to HELL! but she is no stranger to being a whore, slut
and piece of Meat. We like to get a bitch like this started right, and as it is that time of year again, what better way
than to have her start cleaning the dungeon. After all, she will be spending a lot of time down there in the foreseeable future

This tall (really tall), blond, slender piece of used meat looks just perfect in chains cleaning up after along winter.

Just to make sure she has the right incentive she is also wearing a dog shock-collar around her neck. This way, whenever
she may start slacking, she gets a little jolt. The jolts progress in severity (and pain) with each passing one.

Whenever she is jolted she shakes and stamps her feet, just like a good little slut.

This is merely her introduction to suffering in HELL!, watch for a lot more of this pig being used and abused coming up.

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