BrutalMaster – Slave Filth – Saint Andrews Cross Torture (06.18.21)

This is agony, there is no other way to put it. Pain, abuse, punishment, degradation, humiliation, whatever you want to call it, ultimately it boils down to agony and Slave Filth is suffering it.

This is what this bitch is made for, it is her purpose in life (well, that and cleaning assholes with her filthy tongue).

Today the whore is bound to the X-cross and her ass and back are the targets of a brutal beating. This is to match the beating her whore-udders received the day before. This is HELL!, this is what a piece of meat like Filth deserves. She, and the other meat who come here, understand this is what she deserves. The punishment she craves is for your amusement. Watch her suffer, look at the tears roll down her cheeks and the snot cover her chin.

This is the face of pain. This is for you. This is Filth and the St. Andrews Cross Torture.

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