BrutalMaster – Garbage – On The Edge (03.18.21)

We call this one Garbage and we have already explained why. For the most part, that is how she described herself the first time we spoke. She is really a piece of meat so HELL! is just the right place for her.

This time around, the cute little slut is on the metal examination table. Now normally in HELL!, bitches are not allowed to orgasm. In fact, they are rarely even allowed to masturbate but one of the perks of being in charge in HELL! is changing the rules once in a while, which is exactly what BrutalMaster did.

He allowed Garbage to edge herself but, you guessed it, there were some caveats with that; not the least of which involved some electricity.

So, in the end, Garbage was very much on edge just about every way you can imagine it.

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