BrutalMaster – it – First Whipping in HELL! (03.10.21)

We love to say, “New Meat in HELL!” but this time is quite special. This meat, “it,” is in all honesty about as low a piece of meat as we have ever had here. It is difficult to put into words just what a degraded cunt it actually is.

With that in mind, we will be showing you how low it can go as it progresses to the depths over time. For this first outing in HELL!, the cunt is strung up and whipped. We normally ask a bitch lots of questions, but this pig becomes almost completely non-verbal, pretty much just grunting like the (less than an) animal it truly is.

It is not a matter of breaking it, because it is already clearly very broken. It is more a matter of holding the pieces together long enough to find out just where it will land.Without question it will land in the deepest depths of HELL!

Enjoy it being whipped for the first time in HELL!

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