BrutalMaster – Filth – A Bitch At Work (01.01.21)

It is time to sweep out the old and sweep in the new! In this case, Slave Filth will be doing the actual sweeping but just to make it more fun, the worthless piece of shit is chained and doing all the work in Ballet Boots. Of course, the whore has already been beaten and is covered with bruises and welts as she moves around HELL!’s Dungeon.

This is just the right way to ring in the new year, 2021, and say good riddance to the shit show that was 2020 with a suffering, masochistic cunt sweeping up the ashes of the last year.

This is what it looks like in HELL! when no one else is around, except this time we are showing you just how much agony this cunt endures constantly.

Happy New Year and enjoy Filth as A Bitch At Work!

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