BrutalMaster – Kitty – Bullwhipped Little Bitch (12.19.20)

When we say “Little Bitch,” we mean tiny, as in less than a hundred pounds of cunt strung up in HELL!’s studio and bullwhipped relentlessly. But this was pretty much Kitty’s first time being tortured in any way.

She starts out dressed like an absolute slut in her little girl plaid dress and see through mini-top. Of course, this slut does not wear underwear –her tits are too small to need a bra and besides, bras are forbidden in HELL! (unless they have tacks in them). Panties? Not a chance, that cute bald set of holes needs to be exposed.

She is chained in the corner but, once released, quickly crawls across the floor because she is just plain obedient. After that, she’s strung up in chains by BrutalMaster with her legs spread and chained to the floor.

Her position is uncomfortable. Then the whipping begins and seems to never stop, just what this pig needs.

Kitty is a little bitch getting BIG whipping.

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