Brooke Johnson – Hard Rock, Rock Hard

And here we have it: the first film from my time in the rocky desert of Joshua Tree with extreme masochist Brooke Johnson. Brooke and I connected exceptionally well right away, and the result is a natural and brutal sadomasochistic dance you almost never see on the screen. We played with hard rocks, and I was rock hard the whole time.

Some folks watching this might be concerned about our use of rocks as sadistic implements. But please understand that Brooke was really into the action and the intensity here. Also look carefully, and you’ll see the rocks were used for controlled suffering, never recklessly in a way intended or likely to cause harm. The release for both of us was so good that we became personal play partners after this scene at Brooke’s initiative.

Just as I did with Ashley’s first trailer, I got a little creative here and used more material in it than you’ll find in this first movie. THIS TRAILER COVERS UPCOMING CLIPS AS WELL. There’s more brutal sex and sadism coming, as well as some beautifully tender moments by a fire.

2.20 GB | 2048 x 858 | mp4 | 00:52:02

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