Ashley Lane – Enema Cinema

So MUCH to share. Now that I’ve posted a film from my time with each woman I saw on my first trip West, I’m sharing more of each, starting with Ashley. After we played “storm” during the day, Ashley and I walked around and landed in a mini-forest area. Here is where Ashley did the beautiful light-stick dancing I shared. What I hadn’t yet shared is that Ashley had a piss enema inside her while dancing. This whole film is both beautiful and filthy. There are gentle moments, where Ashley’s smiles and giggles are food for the soul. There are also intense moments, including painal with a huge dildo, hard fucking on a tree stump, and enema challenges. I’m so grateful to women like Ashley for existing and reminding me of the vast joys for which we humans are here.

For this film, I brought out our new, state-of-the-art mid-side recording device, which captures audio from straight ahead as well as stereo audio from the sides) to use in additional to our other audio devices. The audio in this scene is my best yet. Not only will you get the clear voices of the other content captured during my trip out west, but you’ll also get really good ambient audio. Spanks and slaps sound a lot better, and the background sounds natural. Capturing spontaneous sexual BDSM in the great outdoors with little or no crew to interrupt the dynamics has been an ongoing development, but it’s getting better and better… Oh, and I love that mid-side is abbreviated m-s, which reminds me of Master-slave.

1.64 GB | 2048 x 858 | mp4 | 00:42:27