Hold The Cane (Throwback Edition) – 12.20.21

In another classic from the Bondage Life vault, your favorite slave is put through her paces as she is given a nice whipping with a cane while being suspended by her wrists from the ceiling! Filmed during a visit to LA before her permanent move there, this special point of view special feature sees your favorite slave suspended and whipped by her Owner, she is ordered to kiss the cane then receives multiple cane strokes across her bare ass and has her enlarged clit teased with it before being made to hold it in her mouth. While still carefully holding the cane in her mouth, our helpless creature is subjected to several strokes from a whip across her beautiful naked flesh then has her high heels removed which makes her stand high on her tip toes for balance. Still suspended from the ceiling and now balancing precariously on her tip toes, Greyhound has her head covered in vet wrap before receiving some more strokes from the cane. As this great discipline stream comes to an end, Greyhound is released from her suspension and ordered to her knees where she has the vet wrap and her gagged removed before licking and cleaning her juices from her Owners fingers then shows off her obedience by taking several slave positions on command!

435 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 01:12:08