[ACZD-077] 奴●ハーレム強●レズビアンショーと肛門アクメの記録 / Guy Harem Strong Record Of Lesbian Show And Anal Acme

SM, BDSM, Shibari, Humiliation, Nasty, Anal, Amateur, Lesbian, Submissive Woman, Sanwa Shuppan

This is a collection of videos posted in the SM magazine “Mania Club”. Keiko (pseudonym), a domestic animal, will live the rest of her life under her master, Mr. Hiromichi Tsukushi (pseudonym), as a masochist livestock and have sex service. I’m a woman who swears Keiko, who has been self-bonding and masturbating since she was young, was bred by Mr. Tsukushi, whom she met by chance when she was a university student. A genuine masochist who says he is training to become a splendid masochist livestock dedicated to SEX 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a livestock hut given to him. ■ On days when the master does not visit the given livestock hut, the ordered female domestication program is performed, and female genital contraction training for sexual service to the master, lip training for fellatio service, Self Masturbation Video Shooting That Was Requested. Production of perverted handmade costumes. She spends her daily life writing fantasy novels and illustrations. The video was requested by the editorial department and was filmed by Keiko’s owner, Hiromichi Chikushi. Includes simultaneous teaching with Teru Onna Chika, and teaching with Sumire, a married woman who admired and contacted Keiko, a livestock man. Please take a look at how he sometimes rapes multiple women at the same time, and sometimes one woman, just like the inner palace.


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