BrutalMaster – Tramp – Filthy Cunt Torture (08.21.23)

It is a Pain-Cunt

This could mean two things. We are torturing Tramp’s filthy cunt, or, Tramp is a filthy cunt herself and that is why she is being tortured.

In all honesty, it makes no difference. Tramp is going to suffer by having her filthy cunt beaten, caned, punished because the piece of shit simply deserves to suffer.

You can see the whore bound to a medical cot, legs up, dehumanized. You can watch as the angry, cruel welts rise almost instantly on her inner thighs. But the most telling aspect of all this is the noise this bitch makes when she is beaten. It is truly the music of HELL! that to comes out of this little thing.

So many bitches think the be all and end all of the world is that hole between their legs, but in HELL! we call it the pain-cunt, because that is what we use it for. Watch and listen while Tramp’s pain-cunt is worked over, and over, and over.

Tramp is a filthy cunt and has a Filthy Cunt to Torture

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