Xaya Lovelle – Smack-O-Lantern

Warning: this is one of the hardest anal and ass punishment scenes we’ve shot. Xaya takes it very, very rough. She’s an eager masochist, and before the scene began, she actually picked the hardest implements in Dr. Mercies’ closet to be used on her: the ballbearing whip, the metal rod, the rubber baton, and the rubber strap, among others. Her beating coincides with painal, ass to mouth, and a strapping while dunked in piss. And did we mention the pumpkin? That’s right, she carved her own pumpkin head to wear while being punished. Let me tell you, folks: having that 20-pound quasi-hood on your head takes everything to another level. We expect Xaya to be back on a regular basis. Her type is rare and special.

2.65 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:15:03