Venere Kuyugen the Insurgents

In remote county it is held with an iron fist by President Raimondo, who came to power in a coup. A group of guerrillas opposes him. Venus is one of the leaders of the guerrilla. The girl is waiting for some comrades to carry out an attack on a weapons depot belonging to the tyrannical government. But she notices a scene that angers her. A government soldier drags an innocent damsel (Kuyugen), bound and gagged into a forest so he can have fun with her. Venus decides to intervene and prepares an ambush. She surprises and puts Ko the soldier, but she finds out at her expense that it was all a trap. The prisoner woman is an agent of Raimondo. She pretended to be at the mercy of the soldier to induce the guerrilla to come out. Venus is compelled to surrender and is tied to a tree. After insulting Kuyugen for catching her with her deception, she is cleave gagged with her own bandana. She stays tied to the tree for some minutes while her captors check the surrounding area and waits for instruction. They finally untie her from the tree but for more safety Kuyugen wraps more rope around Venere who, now ungagged, challenges her to untie her and fight with her loyally. Scene change and now we find Venere tied to a chair and cleave gagged, inside the Presidential Palace. She’s alone at first but then the soldier who captured her shows up and ungags her and interrogates her. He wants that she revelas name and location of her camrades . Venere refuses to talk and is regagged. Later finally the President arrives. He seems to know that Venere is the step-daughter of the defunct former president and has come in disguise under the name Venere to avenge him, Raimondo tells her that before sending him to afterlife to join her step-father, he’ll have some fun with her. So he orders the soldier to take her to the bedroom and “prepare” her.

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